Sharon's House

Ever wondered what happened to The Real Australia? The Australia where the trees weren't part of a "landscaping design". Where the only things colouring the water were fish. Where it was harder to find a noisy spot than a quiet one. It can still be found in Western Australia - unspoilt beaches, amazing scenery, big blue skies and friendly faces.

In Western Australia you can dive with the largest fish on the planet - the Whale Shark, walk amongst the tree tops of ancient trees, sleep under a canopy of stars in the desert, or explore the gorges and wilderness areas.

Come and see The Real Thing, Western Australia.

Western Australia has five tourist regions: Australia's Coral Coast, Australia's Golden Outback, Australia's North West, Australia's South West and Experience Perth.

Available for short to long term stays - Sharon's House is ideal for people wanting to holiday in a central location but wanting the security of a prestigious suburban lifestyle. Likewise for a person relocating to Perth for business and wanting privacy or who have sold, or are building, their house and in the interim need short or long term stay for their family, this type of accomodation is affordable and works well.
We can also help with car hire and information regarding places of interest.

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